It’s a strange time, a time that demands new things from entrepreneurs. Guests suddenly stay away, income is declining, how does my business actually go? And what about the moment when everything gets back to normal? Lots of questions and few answers, because no one has experienced this before.
And yet.. this period may offer opportunities. Opportunities now that things are a bit quieter, to think about how you’ve been running your business over the past few months or years.
Is this maybe the right time to improve things? To replace components that weren’t normally addressed? Make things forward-looking so that as soon as this situation is over, you can move on immediately. A long-term vision, working out a plan for the years to come. 

That’s our expertise

Unburden customers, take them by the hand and explain things in uncertain times. What does it take for the moment everything starts to turn normal again? Where were the bottlenecks in your systems, where should we focus now? Just now, now that things are calmer and there is finally time to take these deferred steps.
We have migrated several customers to the cloud in recent months, they are now flexible, because they can work from home now that it is mostly desired.
In the current situation, the choice they made is very good, but that does not mean that it is too late for you. There is going to be more demand for remote working, in the evening at home processing some things that were not processed during the day or when you can travel again, keep your finger on the pulse of your company from a distance.

A few more examples

Wireless WiFi networks; wireless network names in 1 location, or incomplete coverage, with all the inconveniences. With a WiFi measurement, we’ll test if your network is well-matched to your location. With this we draw up a plan, move existing components for a better result, or advise a new system.
A final example, your website; Is it up-to-date? Does it need a refresh? Is security okay, or are you at risk? Do you pay a European company for the hosting costs, with additional International transfer fees? Just a few examples, which we have already been able to solve for others in the past.

Our advice

Think about these kind of things, especially in this day and age, then you will be ready when our economy picks up, the tourists come back and you probably don’t have time to properly resolve these kind of things.
Please contact us and ask about our competitive rates, we are happy to help you move forward, especially now!

And we will do so without strange attributes on our heads, we will follow the regular safety regulations. 🙂