Wireless network and internet connections are becoming increasingly important. Whether it’s your business network, where smartphones and laptops need to have a good connection to your servers and printers, or a network for your guests. It just has to work all the time. We supply networks of the brand Unifi, which has proven itself for years as the manufacturer of good, affordable WiFi solutions. By linking these accesspoints to our Cloud controller, it is possible to walk around with laptops, tablets or smartphones, without loss of connection. All devices are automatically connected to the accesspoint with the strongest signal. We can also create multiple WiFi networks, so that, for example, your guests can’t consume your entire Internet connection, but the speed is distributed to a large number of users.

Why not just use the provider modem?

Wireless networks are relatively interference-prone at the base. A microwave, cordless DECT phone or thick concrete walls, all of which affect the network signal negatively. So it is important to look carefully at where the accesspoints should be placed. A providermodem is often located where the fixed signal (cable or fiber optics) enters the building, but this is not necessarily the ideal place for broadcasting a WiFi signal. By
making smart use of placement, but also the choice of the type of accesspoint, we can deliver customized solutions that result in a high-quality network. With a WiFi measurement we can also show what the best solution is for your specific property.

What does the accesspoint look like?

There are many different types of accesspoints available, but we see in practice some many used. All accesspoints are connected via Power over Ethernet, both the power signal and also the data throughput goes through a single network cable. For inside installations we often use the white ‘dishes’ or in-wall solutions that are placed over a built-in box or accesspoints with separate antennas that are mainly used outside.

Our advice

Let us think with you about your wishes.
Based on expert advice, supplemented by a well-founded measurement, we can ensure that your new WiFi network always performs optimally. And we won’t stop after the placement of your new accesspoints, we monitor your network, make sure the software updates are applied to stay up to date and we see any disruptions occur first. Using the same network across different branches is no problem.
Do you want to expand your network later? No problem, we simply switch extra accesspoints.

We have already provided a large number of companies, hotels and holiday parks with this tailor-made solution.

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