If you have your own server, we are happy to manage it. But given recent developments, working remote is becoming a hot topic. We can guide you in migrating your potentially outdated server to a solution in the cloud. As a Microsoft Cloud Partner, we can offer a competitive price to start working with Office 365. In combination with an Exchange Online mail server, shared data with OneDrive for Business and all your datafolder rights organized into groups, allows us to build a very flexible environment for you. Where it no longer matters if you work from the office, from home or a workplace outside the island.


Exchange Online

We store all your email in the Microsoft Exchange Online servers. Whether you’re accessing your email via Outlook locally on your PC, or via your smartphone or tablet, you’ll always have access to the latest messages. We can also easily ensure that shared mailboxes such as an ‘info’ mailbox are shared. This allows several colleagues to keep an eye on all the important customer contact at the same time.

OneDrive for Business

We keep your company files in a central location with the help of OneDrive for Business. By dividing users into groups, we can offer all data in a protected environment. For example, your executives will see all the important data from the ‘management’ folder and employees who do not have rights to do so will not see this folder appear in their folder overview.
This works a lot smarter than the regular Windows Server environments, where the folders that were not accessible were still visible.

Video calling?

Video calling is becoming increasingly important, and within your Office 365 license, you’ll also get access to Microsoft Teams. This makes it easy to use a digital meeting room. A webcam and microphone can then help you stay in touch with your team, or external contacts, anywhere in the world. You simply add a digital meeting link to your calendar appointment and so everyone can participate in the over at the right time.   Want to know more about working in the cloud? Contact Highway ICT Bonaire and we’d like to tell you what we can do for you. And that’s how we help Bonaire move forward!