Your system is the heart of your organization. No matter what industry you work in, no company can do without a smoothly operating system. With over 20 years of experience as an external system administrator for companies, we have already seen almost every possible system and solution.
We like to explain complex matters in a simple way, so that it is clear to everyone exactly what we are doing, what needs to be done to make your system function properly. Whether it concerns your workstations or laptops, VOIP telephones, printers, scanners, switches, camera systems or WiFi networks. As soon as there is a malfunction, it hinders your work. It is our drive to ensure that all this functions properly and to keep disruptions to a minimum.

Regular management

For the customers where we do system management, we are happy to visit on a regular basis. Our helpdesk can (usually remotely) resolve urgent malfunctions, but we will deal with all less urgent points during a planned visit. You simply provide a to-do list and we ensure that all small pain points in your system are resolved. It is often also pleasant for your employees that a technician is regularly on site to answer user questions or give tips for working more efficiently. But we also like to think along, look at where the points for improvement lie in your systems and network and come up with a suitable solution. Based on our experience, we know what works, and especially what doesn't work. This way you always make the right investments, for now and the long term.

Server locally or work in the cloud?

If you have your own server, we are happy to manage it. But given recent developments, remote working is also an increasingly important item. We can therefore also guide you in migrating your possibly outdated server to a solution in the cloud. As a Microsoft Cloud Partner, we can offer a competitive price for working with Office 365. This, in combination with an Exchange Online mail server, shared data with OneDrive for Business and all your data shielded from unique users divided into groups, makes us a very can build flexible environment for you. Where it no longer matters whether you work from the office, from home and (as soon as the weather is allowed) a workplace outside the island.


New network?

We can also help you if you want a completely new network installed. Recently we were able to deliver new networks at a number of hotels and apartment complexes on Bonaire. Network switches, laying the network cabling, connecting WiFi points and camera systems, we carry out everything that is requested in that area for you.

Do you need help with the maintenance of your network or plans for the construction of a new network?
Take it contact Highway ICT Bonaire and we are happy to tell you what we can do for you.
And this is how we help Bonaire move forward!

Camera systems

Wi-Fi networks

Working in the cloud